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NFL players to wear ‘No Refereeing’ gear in NFL games

The NFL Players Association said Monday that all 32 teams will be allowed to wear reflective “No Referees” hoods, reflective helmet caps, and reflective gloves at games beginning with Sunday’s regular-season finale against the New Orleans Saints.

The players will be encouraged to wear them in the locker room or at halftime of their pregame warm-ups, according to the union’s letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The players will not have to wear the reflective gear while playing, and the players will wear it while in the field.

The letter also said that no players will have to remove their mask to get to the sidelines.

The NFL is also changing the way it tracks players’ head-to-toe “Refereeing” gear, a change that was expected after it was discovered that players on the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins had worn similar gear to some of their opponents.

The league will begin tracking the gear at halftime.

The new rule is expected to save the league $1 million a year in gear costs and to make the game safer for referees, the union said.

The union did not provide a cost estimate for the changes.

The NFL declined to comment.