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Crypto Coins Latest News article A new type of bird reflector has been unveiled by Chinese internet giants BT and Alibaba, and is aimed at preventing the spread of harmful airborne pollutants.

The new technology is based on the concept of a cassegrain, a small metal reflector that can be placed on the ground to reflect sunlight.

The cassegras can be used to help protect farmland, buildings, roadways and public buildings, but also in urban areas, where they can be a serious source of pollution.

The cassegraps can also be used for lighting, and are ideal for displaying objects, such as cars, trucks, boats and even billboards, and for outdoor installations such as billboards.

They can be installed on roofs and on walls to make them look more like trees or shrubs, and can be shaped to look like a bird.

The design is inspired by the cassegues in a movie about a bird that protects a house, and BT said that the csegues can be turned on and off as needed to create an effective effect.

However, there is one problem.

The reflector is difficult to install.

BT and other companies have been working on a solution that is easy to install, and has the potential to reduce the amount of airborne pollutants that are emitted into the air.

The technology, dubbed Cascades, is based upon the idea of creating a metal reflective coating to reflect light and reflect heat.

It is based around an “anvil” made from copper, which has been used to create the cascades.

“We have developed a technology that can make a reflector by using copper in a way that is not possible using other metals, but using a copper anvil,” said Wang Jianlin, an assistant professor at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Technology.

“The anvil can absorb the sunlight and heat from the sunlight, which then reflect it back, thus creating a reflective coating that can reflect the sunlight as well.”

The technology is similar to what is already used to make reflectors for other objects.

It uses a copper ring, which can be rotated 90 degrees to create a ring of reflective copper material.

“With Cascages, we can create a reflective metal coating, that is much more durable and efficient than copper anodizing,” Wang added.

The BT and Alipay team also said that they have developed an algorithm to create and optimize a csegment based on a bird’s body weight and head height.

The Cascade system, which is currently in its beta stage, will be able to be installed in vehicles, but it will not be a permanent feature, according to BT.

The team said that their Cascaders are designed for outdoor applications, but they plan to expand the technology to help make the world more sustainable.

According to Alipai, BT is now working on Cascadas that are lightweight and durable, and that are also capable of generating a large amount of power.

“This is a breakthrough technology for Cascaded reflectors,” he said.

“Its the next generation in a long line of Cascading reflectors that we have developed, which we plan to extend to a broad range of applications, from the home to the road and beyond.”