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What is FLOCK Reflector?

Now available: What is Flock Reflector software?

It’s an open source software that uses the latest generation of Intel graphics processing technology to render the images of real-world planets and other celestial bodies using a process known as “ray casting”.

This technology allows for the creation of images that are very high resolution, without the need for expensive displays or high-quality video.

The FLOCK software is also capable of rendering 3D scenes in much more detail than previous generations of hardware.

The software uses an open-source implementation of Intel’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) technology, which was introduced in the i7-2600K processor.

It is the first new Intel GPU to be licensed to other chipmakers since the introduction of the original HD 4000 series in 2008.

“Our aim is to develop a robust, easy-to-use, affordable software platform that can enable users to create real-time imagery of celestial bodies that are difficult to reproduce in traditional displays,” said James Lasky, the software’s lead architect.

“The FLOCK system will be designed to make it easy for users to produce high-resolution images from real-space objects,” said Scott Atherton, a senior software engineer at NASA.

“We are developing software that enables astronomers to capture and render images from the Sun’s surface and then display them on a web-connected display,” said Atherson.NASA’s FLOCK project has been supported by a NASA/ESA/National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) grant from the National Science Foundation under Grant Number WISE-180912.

The project is funded by the NASA Office of Science.