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How to use CoinDance to trade cryptocurrency in China

The Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDancing, has launched a new feature that allows people to trade in the crypto-currency in their local currency.

CoinDance, the second largest platform in China’s crypto-economy, said it has partnered with the China Digital Money Association (CDMFA) to make the trading feature available to users in the country.

Coin Dancer, the largest and most popular trading platform in the world, allows users to buy and sell crypto-currencies in yuan or RMB.

The new feature allows users who want to trade the crypto currency in yuan to enter their name, email address, country, and a short string of Chinese characters, which are displayed on a blockchain.

Users can then create a trading account and enter their BTC or ETH balances.

The user will then be able to sell their BTC for RMB, or buy RMB for BTC.

Users can then open a trade account, which will open a wallet and deposit BTC and ETH into the account.

The wallet is then linked to the trading account, allowing users to convert RMB to BTC, or vice versa.

Once the trade is completed, the user will receive the BTC or ETC they traded for.

Users also have the option to send funds to the account and convert the RMB into fiat currencies like USD or EUR.

The CDMFA, the national association for cryptocurrency exchanges, said the CFA is in the process of developing a blockchain-based platform for cryptocurrency trading.

Currency trading is expected to increase in China over the coming years as the Chinese government attempts to build a stable, globally accessible, and regulated crypto-market.

According to a survey by Censys, the number of cryptocurrency trading platforms has grown from 1,000 to 20,000.

Coin dancing is not the first platform in Asia to offer cryptocurrency trading features.

The Bittrex platform in Hong Kong, for example, has also recently added this functionality.