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Oregon highway and bridge officials plan to install reflector at high-traffic intersections

Oregon highway officials plan on installing reflector reflectors at high traffic intersections to help them identify vehicles heading southbound on Interstate 5.

The state Department of Transportation and the state Department in the Northwest said Monday that the reflectors are part of a project to make it easier for drivers to see if they’re on a highway and for people to identify if a car is coming.

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles officials say the reflector systems are not mandatory.

The department said that it has also installed more than 1,000 reflectors in other states to help drivers.

The reflector projects were designed to help reduce vehicle speeds and reflect sunlight into the roadway to help keep traffic flowing.

A spokeswoman for the state said the reflectivity on the reflecto system is about 85 percent.

She said it was approved by state and local governments.

Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown has said the state would look to replace reflectors with reflective glass.