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Dimlux replacement reflects back into town, but not for good

Dimlux replaced its backlighting with a reflector at a popular Norwalk drive-in, but the backlighting is a little less than stellar, the Associated Press reported.

“I think that it’s a little underwhelming,” said Mark Hennigan, a local business owner who owns The Gourmet Diner in Norwalk.

“It’s just kind of a mess.”

According to the AP, Dimlux has installed a reflective system in several locations around the city, including one at its home at 1210 W. Norwalk Ave., which features two large, square LED screens.

Hennigans neighbor, Bob Pang, said he has noticed dimmers that have no signal, but his restaurant has no dimmer, nor does his neighbor.

“The dimmer in the back of the restaurant is completely off,” Pang said.

“And I’ve never had one of those on my drive-ins.”

Dimmer-less drive-through restaurants are commonplace in the U.S., and dimmer-free restaurants have been a trend in China for several years.

Many cities have adopted dimmer laws, which require restaurants to use dimmers in order to serve patrons.

The dimmer ban has sparked controversy, however, and many restaurants have complained that the regulations are overly strict.

Dimmer laws vary by state, and some cities have gone beyond banning dimmers altogether, like in San Francisco, where the city adopted a ban in July.

In some states, like Maryland, restaurants can only serve dimmerless drinks.

But in most, it is illegal to serve dimmers, and restaurants can be fined for serving them in restaurants that serve alcohol.

“We are working on a proposal to get the legislation passed in Washington State, which would require dimmer licenses for restaurants that don’t follow the rules,” said Tom Hock, spokesman for the Washington State Restaurant Association, in a statement.

“Restaurants across the state are still subject to the dimmer requirements, so there is no excuse for any restaurant not to follow those rules.”

Dimming laws are a contentious topic.

“People are not happy with it,” said David Ochsner, who has lived in Washington state for 25 years and works in the restaurant industry.

“This is a very big problem for the industry, and it’s been a very long time coming.”

In some cities, such as Seattle, dimmer restrictions were recently challenged by the restaurant association.

But it was a different situation in the city of Norwalk, where restaurants had previously complied with the law.

Norwians restaurant owners had agreed to use a dimmer for years, but they had not had any problems with it, according to the Norwian Times.

“They were just getting some noise,” said Norwis resident Tom Davis, who owns several restaurants.

“If I go into a restaurant and I don’t see any light coming from the lights, I just don’t think it’s worth it.”

In March, the restaurant owner of The Gatherings at Norwalk said he had no problems with dimmer lighting.

“In the past, we’ve been able to meet with the dimmers and the lighting,” owner Tom Davis said.

He said that dimmers are not a major issue in the neighborhood.

“That’s because we have so many people,” Davis said, “and that means it doesn’t affect everybody, and that’s what we have.

It’s not a big deal to us.”

But restaurant owners said they are not pleased with the change.

“Our customers, we love them,” said restaurant owner Michael Gannon.

“But I do think it puts us in a very dark place.”

“It makes us look like we’re going out of business,” he added.

“So if they come back, we’re probably going to have a big fight.”

The owners of The Lava Cafe in Norwines downtown office park said they have no plans to change their dimmer.

“No, we don’t change the lights,” manager Jim Gannon said.