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Which is better: road reflector or LED reflector?

A new product is offering the best value for money in the automotive industry with an LED reflectors that reflect up to 80% of the sun’s light, according to a report from the automotive trade publication Motor Trend.

The product, called LED Reflectors, features a thin and flexible plastic sheet, which allows for easy installation on your vehicle’s windshield, said the publication.

“LED reflectors can improve your visibility and provide more efficient cooling, as well as reduce vehicle emissions,” said Matthew Stahl, product manager at LED Reflector.

“With the LED reflecto, you’re not paying extra for reflector technology, but you’re getting a better performance for a lower price,” he said.

The new product, which was announced in August, also offers a two-year warranty.

The products also offer a variety of different color combinations, which can be selected on a per-reflector basis.

“The reflector colors can be customized to your vehicle, but we also offer an array of custom colors that are available for you to choose from,” Stahl said.

“We also have an array available for use with our LED reflectori for use in a variety, and color combinations that are more unique.”

For example, a white reflector that comes in four colors can have the same tint as a blue reflector, and the same color as a red reflector.

The product is currently only available for the European market, but the manufacturer expects to roll it out to other markets in the coming months.

The new LED reflectoring technology also offers several advantages over traditional reflectors.

“Lighting up the windshield helps you see more clearly,” said Stahl.

“It helps you identify things more easily, and it helps reduce your emissions,” he added.

“In addition, the reflective surface is flexible, which means you can put it on a door sill or any other surface that will allow you to easily mount the reflector on the windshield.”