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‘Worst’ flu vaccine, says Queensland health department

A Queensland health official says the country’s flu vaccine has the worst side effects of any flu shot that has been tested in the country, including fever and headache.

Key points:More than half the people in Queensland are under the flu jabThe vaccine is also linked to flu shots that are not available at pharmacies and in hospitalsThe flu jab costs about $5,000 to administer for up to 12 weeksThe Queensland government has introduced a trial of a flu vaccine that it says has fewer side effects than flu shots.

Key Points:The trial is now in its second yearMore than 50,000 people in the state have received the jab and it has had an average of about a quarter of people in its trial who were given flu shots reported back with symptoms of the flu.

The Queensland Health Department said it expected that people in more than half of the trial participants would still be getting the flu shots for at least another year.

The trial began last September in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, and was the first of its kind in the nation.

The study’s first month saw people with high levels of influenza vaccine in their system, and a subsequent study has seen people who received a placebo and a flu shot for 12 weeks, also with a high flu shot level, report symptoms similar to those of people who did not receive the flu vaccine.

“We are really pleased with the results,” Queensland Health Minister Simon Birmingham said.

“It’s been very encouraging to see that people who have received a flu vaccination are showing improvements in their overall symptoms.”

The trial has shown us that there is a lot of potential for this vaccine to be effective.”‘

It’s not going to get better’But the results don’t mean the flu shot will be perfect.”

I think it’s a little bit of a stretch to say that this vaccine is going to be perfect, it’s not,” Dr Nick Deane, from the Queensland Health Centre, said.”[It’s] certainly not going a long way to be a perfect vaccine.

“The more we know about the side effects, the more we can be sure that it’s safe to use.”

The flu shot, called the RPSV-2, is produced by AstraZeneca.

It contains the same type of vaccine that was given to people in February, but is not manufactured by any pharmaceutical company.

The flu vaccine was previously known to cause a serious flu-like illness known as anaphylaxis.

In February, Queensland health authorities warned that some people had had severe reactions to the vaccine, including a rare form of pneumonia, after it was given at a Queensland primary school.

“People have reported experiencing severe and severe, severe respiratory symptoms, including severe coughing, sneezing and anaphysiac reactions,” Dr Deane said.

A Queensland health spokesman said the trial showed that the vaccine had been tested and proved safe.

“A few days ago, our health officials began receiving calls from concerned Queenslanders, saying they had developed symptoms similar with flu symptoms,” the spokesman said.

“They have now been tested again and found to be asymptomatic.”

Dr Deane’s warning is the latest of a number of Queensland health officials to warn of flu-related side effects.

More:The Queensland Government’s first trial of the RNSV-1 vaccine is due to start in the Sunshine Coast city of Mildura in March.

“That trial has been a long time coming,” Dr Birmingham said of the Queensland trial.

“There’s been quite a bit of public concern about the vaccine and there’s been concerns about how long the vaccine can be in people’s bodies, how much of it is still in their bodies.”

He said the vaccine’s effectiveness was “absolutely on par” with flu shots and it was not yet ready for use.

The Queensland trial is expected to be completed in 2020.

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