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The story of how the Refractor vs Reflector jail was built

A prison for the criminally insane in the north of Melbourne, Australia, the Refractor jail, was built by a company that has since closed down.

The Refractor Jail was designed to hold convicts who have been sentenced to jail for drug and property offences.

In an interview with News.au, CEO of Refractors Private Prison Management, David Cunneen, said that the company was “very proud” of the design and said it was designed with inmates “in mind”.

“It was designed specifically for the jail.

It’s designed for the people who need it the most,” Mr Cunney said.”

It’s not designed for people who have the best of intentions, but who are in need of a secure, secure environment.”

He said the facility was “designed for maximum deterrence” but said the jail had “had some great success” and that “people have come through” with their claims for compensation.

“There’s been a lot of people who’ve come through and been successful, but there’s still a lot that we’ve been able to do to provide them with services,” he said.

Mr Cunnneen said the company “couldn’t have built it if it wasn’t for the efforts of the state and federal government”.

“We’re just very proud of the work that was done by the state government to make sure that we could build this facility,” he added.

“And that’s because we had to get the funding that was needed for that facility.”

Mr Cunsons claim for compensation, the most recent payment received in 2016, was for $15,000, which he said he did not receive.

“I never had any money for it,” he explained.

“We had a very limited budget for it.

It was a really small budget.”‘

It’s a real shame’Mr Cunnen said he “wasn’t happy” about the fact that his company was no longer in business.

“People have to have an opportunity to get compensation and to make a claim for that,” he noted.

“But we didn’t have the budget for that, so we were left in the position of just sitting on the sidelines and watching.”

He added that he had been in talks with the Department of Justice to see if they could provide him with a compensation claim, but that he “can’t believe that they would let someone else go through that”.

“That’s really a shame, but it’s the reality of business,” he concluded.