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The hottest summer in US history, and it’s all thanks to the car window reflector

The world’s hottest summer, or summer of flames, has been measured by a car window reflecting company that’s actually measuring the temperatures on the road with their own reflectors.

In a video released on Friday, a reflective truck truck that’s been parked out on the highway can be seen driving around a road with a heated engine while a car driver can be heard shouting and gesturing angrily at the truck.

The reflector company, Rideshade, has taken to Instagram to show off the temperature readings from its trucks.

The company said the temperatures have been recorded for the second consecutive day.

The company said its reflective trucks measure temperatures from -5 degrees Celsius to +5 degrees.

It said the company has seen an increase in the number of customers buying its reflective vehicles and said its not just the heat itself, but the reflectors also have helped drivers avoid hitting the heater while driving.

The video shows a man being yelled at by a driver while a driver in the video shouts at the reflector truck to get off the highway.

Rideshide’s owner, Nick Williams, said it is not only about temperature.

It is also about comfort and safety for the drivers as they go about their daily work.

“It’s about the comfort and the safety of the drivers,” Williams said.

“What they’re doing is helping them to stay cool.”

Rideshoade said it started testing its reflectors in 2014.

It has seen the first vehicle tested in a remote area of the country, and is now using its reflector trucks in a number of locations across the country.