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How to remove the car reflector on the $700 Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy 6 has the biggest and most powerful camera on the market today, but one of the biggest problems with it is the car-reflector sticker on the back of the phone.

We’re talking about a sticker that’s only about the size of a credit card, but if you’re stuck with a broken phone, you might as well just take a few photos to get the message across.

How to remove car reflectors on the Galaxy S7 and S7 EdgeThe easiest way to remove your car-reflector sticker is to remove it from the backside of your phone.

Simply flip the car bumper down and you’re done.

To get rid of the sticker, first remove the plastic ring that holds it on.

Next, slide the sticker off, allowing the car to slide out.

If you’re not sure how to remove a car reflectora, take a look at this article on the Care2 site.

Here are some more tips to remove this annoying sticker from your Samsung Galaxy phone.

The only way to take off the car mirror sticker is with a small hammer or flat head screwdriver.

You may have to gently pry the sticker loose, but you’ll be able to remove all the parts without damaging your phone or causing any damage to the plastic.

This Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review has been updated to include the new Note 7.