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The Truth About the Confederate Flag

The Confederate flag is no longer a symbol of hate, but a symbol for the many Americans who believe it represents a white supremacist ideology.

In 2016, the US Senate passed a resolution to remove the flag from public grounds, but the move was blocked by the courts.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court declined to take up a case that could have overturned the court’s ruling.

The case involves the American Civil Liberties Union, a group that says it will use the court ruling to challenge the Confederate flag on the grounds that it is a flag of hate.

After the Supreme of the United States ruled in June that the flag is a symbol and emblem of white supremacy, the ACLU and the Sons of Confederate Veterans sued the government, arguing that it has no legal authority to remove it.

The court agreed in July that the government’s actions are unconstitutional, and the case will be heard in the coming weeks.

However, the ruling does not necessarily mean that the flags are gone from the streets.

It’s possible that the justices will decide that the Confederate emblem is a protected symbol of racism and white supremacy.

But the question is whether the Supreme will agree with them or not, and that could open the floodgates to future court challenges.

If the court does not decide the case, the flag will remain in public displays in many states, and some local governments will also be able to keep the flag on their property.

Some legal experts are saying that it could take years for the Supreme to make a decision.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Confederate flags are often used to target African Americans, Latinos and other minorities.

“These flags are a form of political protest that have been used to justify white supremacy in this country,” said John J. Guralnick, the SPLC’s director of civil rights.

What the Supreme ruling means for the flagA recent survey found that 60% of Americans support the Confederate symbol, and 62% believe the flag represents racism.

And the court did not take the case lightly, and it noted that the Supreme had been warned that removing the flag would not be an easy task.

President Donald Trump recently issued a statement saying that the removal of the flag could be a “big mistake.”

In response, the Civil Rights Movement wrote a letter to the Supreme asking the court to strike down the flag and its accompanying symbol.

Trump has previously used the flag as a rallying cry for his supporters, but it has also become a political liability.

In the aftermath of the Supreme decision, a number of groups have launched protests in cities across the country to call attention to the issue.

Last week, thousands of people protested outside the White House, in the wake of Trump’s announcement that the country would honor the flag.