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How to transform a car into a tank

When it comes to transforming your car into an assault tank, the German military has its own unique method of transformation.

The Tank Transformer is a massive, multi-function robotic arms which can transform from one form of vehicle into another.

These transformers are called Reflector Care Transformer, meaning they use a combination of cameras, radar, radio and other sensors to detect obstacles and determine which part of the vehicle needs to be transformed.

These transformers can transform a vehicle into a combat vehicle that can fight in various situations from urban warfare to air combat.

The transformers have a variety of capabilities.

They can transform vehicles into ATVs or AT-7s, tanks or self-propelled artillery pieces.

The German military also has a vehicle-based weapon called the T-44 Tank Destroyer which is a vehicle capable of firing small-caliber artillery rounds.

These Transformers are available in a variety the vehicles, the most commonly used being the M14A1, the Leopard 2A1 and the Leopard 1.

The Leopard 2 is also a tank that can be transformed into an AT-4.

There are also some more limited transformers which can only be used by the German Leopard 2 and Leopard 1 tanks.

These are called the M15 and M16A1.

The M14 is the largest transformers available in the world and is considered the most versatile.

The M14 can transform into a number of different vehicle types.

It can transform its turret into a turret mounted on a tank and it can transform to a tank which can operate in urban environments.

The vehicle can also transform into another vehicle and take it to the battlefield.

The T-54A1 can transform onto a tank from a tank chassis and can be used in close quarters combat.

The Leopard 2 can also be transformed from a turret-mounted vehicle to a vehicle which can move on the battlefield in a combat role.

The tanks Leopard 1 and M15 can also convert into tanks, and the M16 can transform directly into a self-driving vehicle.

There is a special M17 which is also capable of turning into a T-72 tank, although this variant of the tank has a much smaller turret than the M4.

There are several transformers for the Leopard vehicles that can transform between various types of vehicle.

They include the M19 and M18, the M21 and M23, the T14 and T15, the L11 and L14, the F6, the V3, the G-model and the T6.

The F6 transforms into an M-18 and the G model transforms into a Leopard 1 tank.

There is a unique type of transformers called the G2.

The G2 transforms into the Leopard 4.

The only difference between these two types of transformable vehicle is that the G is a self driving vehicle, whereas the M-model is an infantry fighting vehicle.

The G2 has a variety features including the G3 which transforms into infantry fighting vehicles, an M19 turret mounted turret that can turn into a heavy machine gun and a M21 turret mounted weapon that can shoot missiles.

There’s also the G7, which transforms directly into an MBT-2 or MBT, and can transform the T7 into an armored personnel carrier.

There’s also a special G1 which transforms to a Leopard 2 tank, and there’s a G5 which transforms back to a T14.

The L1 is also used by both the Leopard 3 and T4 tanks.

The L11 can also turn into an Abrams tank, which is essentially a tank with a crew of one, the commander is in the driver’s seat and the loader is in a separate compartment.

The loader is also able to use a gun to fire missiles at the enemy.

There were rumors of an Abrams variant of a Leopard 4 which could be used as a light tank.

The tank is powered by a V-12 and can operate up to 500 kilometers per hour.

It’s also equipped with a 30mm gun.

The turret is powered with a 90mm gun and can also fire missiles.

The tank can also drive itself on water.

It has a crew complement of up to two.

The T-14 is similar to the Leopard and T-4, but is powered entirely by a 30-liter diesel engine.

The fuel consumption of the T is estimated at 120 metric tons per kilometer.

The crew complement is also similar to that of the Leopard.

The main difference between the M1 and M2 is the size of the turret.

The top of the M is the commander’s compartment, the rear of the commander compartment is a crew compartment and the bottom of the compartment is the loader’s compartment.

These differences can be fixed by the commander using the turret or commander can also modify the turret and turret mount.

There was also a rumor that a T3 variant was in the works.

The first T-series transformers were produced in the early 1960s and the last