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When does the Japanese reflector come to the West?

Japan’s newest reflector, the Okami reflectors, will be launched on March 15 in the US, the UK and Australia, according to a statement from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

The company said the reflectors will be in stores starting March 18, and will be available in Japan and around the world.

The company said in a statement that the reflector will be a first for the US and Australia.

It will be compatible with LED lights and other standard reflectors.

Mitsubishi said that the company will make a public announcement on the launch of the reflectour later this month. 

“The Okami reflectsors reflect and emit light at wavelengths similar to those of a standard LED bulb.

The reflector’s high-power light output will also make it suitable for outdoor applications such as sunbathing, gardening and even indoor installations,” the company said.

The Okama reflectors are currently sold only in Japan. 

Mitsubsubishi also said that it has entered into a partnership with LED Lighting, which will create the light source for the reflectore.

The new reflectors have a capacity of 200 lumens, according a Mitsubishis statement.

The new LED light source, the Mitsubimatest, is based on the company’s LED lighting technology, which includes a high-voltage inverter, a light generator and a heat exchanger.

The Mitsubikis new LED lighting system uses two modules, one for the LED lights, and one for an external controller that controls the lighting. 

According to the company, the two modules provide an integrated, high-performance lighting system that offers high power output and low power consumption. 

In order to increase the output of the LEDs, the new LED system incorporates a new LED controller that uses two LEDs in parallel, the company stated.

The reflector is expected to be available to the public in the United States and in the UK, the statement added.

The announcement comes a week after the Mitsuzawa Heavy Industries announced a partnership in Japan with LEDsource, a lighting company, to create a lighting system with LEDs, as part of a broader effort to bring LED lighting into the home. 

On March 6, Mitsubissas new CEO Hiroshi Kitao announced the company would invest $200 million in the development of LED technology.