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The best bike reflector pole in the country

Dublin’s city centre has an array of bike reflectivity devices, but few of them are quite as eye-catching as the Reflector Pole.

Created by a former cyclist, it has a curved shape that makes it the best pole around, but it’s not just for cyclists.

There are plenty of other pole options out there, too.

Here are the best bike mirror reflectors for cycling.1.

Curved ReflectorPole with a curved reflector.

Photo: ShutterstockThe Reflector pole is a perfect match for the city’s many bike lanes.

Designed by Cork artist Mairán Ó Donnachaigh, it uses an aluminum frame and a circular reflector for maximum reflective power.

It can be used as a bike mirror, a bike rack, or even as a flat-screen TV.

It’s perfect for anyone with a pair of eyes, because it’s so sharp.2.

The Curved Bicycling Mirror ReflectorA reflective pole that is curved.

Photo by Andrew Hoggard / CC BY-SA 3/6 The Curves Mirror ReflectorsThese are the standard reflector poles.

Photo courtesy of the Curves Gallery, University of Cambridge.

The angled reflector, known as the Curvature Pole, is ideal for the cyclist who wants to show off their skills on the bike.

The curved reflectors are ideal for cyclists looking for an added element to the bike, or to showcase their ability to bike in a way that isn’t necessarily the most comfortable.4.

The Reflector Lifter Mirror Reflecting poles are popular in cities across Europe.

Photo via Flickr user Kaja Jansen, CC BY 4/6 Bike mirror reflector is ideal to show your skills and confidence in the cycling world.

Photo source The Curvatures Gallery, Université Paris-Sud, via Flickr5.

The Cactus Mirror Reflectance pole.

Photo taken by The Curvas Gallery, via The Curvis Gallery.

This reflective pole is also used for yoga, but the Curvas’ reflective poles are much more eye-popping.6.

The Lifter Bike Mirror Reflective pole.

Photo via TheCurves Gallery.

It looks more like a bike than a pole.

This pole is great for a more “in your face” style of cycling.7.

The Flat-screen Display Bicycles mirror reflectance pole, with its curved reflectance.

Photo copyright The Curvers Gallery, © 2016.

It is ideal if you want to display your bike on a large screen.8.

The Mirror Reflecta pole, designed by the Curved Gallery, with an oval shape.

Photo by TheCurve Gallery, CC 4/7 The Reflecta Pole with the curved reflecta.

Photo © TheCurvatures gallery, ©2016.9.

The Sky Reflector Mirror reflectance poles are one of the most popular reflectors on the market.

They are also the most expensive, with a price tag of €3,000.

Photo photo via Thecurves gallery, CC 5/6 A typical reflector in a cycle shop.

Photo copyright TheCurvs gallery, Copyright ©201610.

The Bike Reflector with a circular mirror reflecta, designed in collaboration with the Curvers.

Photo courtesy of TheCurvy Gallery, College of Design, University College Dublin.11.

The Bicycle Reflectorpole designed by Thecurvatures.

Photo © The Curvs Gallery, Copyright 2018.

The Curves also sells Reflector Pumps and Reflector Plates, which are also designed by a group of designers.

The Reflectors Gallery has more than 500 different reflector designs, ranging from classic to modern, as well as a wide range of accessories like bike cages, reflectors and bike racks.

It has been featured in the Dublin Independent, the Irish Times, and The Irish Independent.

It was recently named the best shop in Dublin for design and design-led business.