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What you need to know about nighttime reflectors

With the start of the NFL season coming up in less than a week, the NFL is making it clear that they are looking to upgrade the homecoming season in a major way.

The NFL has announced that all NFL stadiums are going to be equipped with reflective walls and reflectors to reflect the night sky, and that it is going to require every stadium to have a special LED field lighting system.

That means that if a stadium is in darkness, the entire stadium will be lit up.

The announcement came via a tweet from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday, which is when he shared that the league is currently working with “several states and cities to develop a comprehensive package of public displays that include night lights, reflectors and/or other lighting to increase safety and enhance visitor experience.”

The announcement comes a week after the NFL and NFL Players Association signed a new $7.5 billion deal that will fund lighting and technology upgrades for all 32 teams.

It is the largest multi-year investment by any sports team in its history.

The deal is a major step in the right direction for the NFL.

The league was the first in the history of the sport to have the money to upgrade its stadiums in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but it was always going to take a while to get the new lights and technology in place.